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The company's air transport export service accepts the general contracting or subcontracting of direct or peer customers, designs and optimizes the whole process plan of cross-border logistics, extracts goods from domestic shippers, declares and inspects them, organizes international transportation activities, and distributes goods to designated delivery sites of overseas consignees, and carries out goods flow, documents flow, information flow and capital flow in the logistics chain. All-round rapid response and low cost control should be carried out to meet all the needs of customers'door-to-door one-stop cross-border integrated logistics.
Relying on the comprehensive advantages of complete domestic and foreign networks, leading business scale and industry position, and business platform, our company aims at safety, accuracy, speed and low cost. Our airline products cover all regions of the world, with rich and diverse levels, and have strong market resource integration ability. We provide and guarantee value services to customers and meet the various needs of customers at different levels.
The company's air transport export service provides the whole process services of picking up goods, warehousing, tallying, labeling, packaging, stowage, collection, customs clearance, supervision, port entry management and delivery, customs clearance, warehousing, transit, distribution and delivery of goods after arrival at overseas unloading ports to various customers such as textile, electronic, mechanical equipment, food, chemical industry and e-commerce. 
The company has chartered and chartered flights with most of the world-renowned cargo airlines, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with the airlines with global influence, cooperating closely around the world. The company has a global network of high-quality routes and overseas ground services, each season has sufficient supply of goods, stable space, by experienced airline personnel in the shortest possible time to design "safe, fast, economic" transport routes, to provide efficient and immediate customer service for each period of cargo status.

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