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Introduction of International Freight Forwarders

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The international freight forwarding industry of the People's Republic of China stipulates clearly the definition of international freight forwarding industry, that is, the industry that accepts the entrustment of consignees and consignors of import and export goods and conducts international freight transport and related business and receives service remuneration for the principal in the name of the principal or in his own name.
With the development of international trade and mode of transport, international freight forwarding has penetrated into every field of international trade and become an indispensable and important part of international trade. With the rapid development of market economy, the social division of labor has become more and more clear. A single trade operator or a single transport operator does not have enough strength to handle each specific business personally. They need to entrust agents to handle a series of business procedures for them, so as to achieve their respective purposes. The basic characteristic of international freight forwarding is that it is entrusted or authorized by the principal to act as agent for all kinds of services needed in international trade and transportation, and to receive certain remuneration, or as an independent operator to complete and organize the business of freight transportation and storage, so it is considered as the organizer of international transportation, and is also known as the bridge of international trade and the designer of international freight transportation.

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