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Common Documentation Problems in International Intermodal Tr

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Common Documentation Problems in International Intermodal Transport in Central Asia
1. The information of the sender and receiver of the bill of lading and invoice should be completely consistent (name, address, telephone), and the number and weight of the pieces should be consistent with the gross weight of the bill of lading.
2. Consistent information should be maintained between the sender and the sender of the waybill, invoice and bill of lading.
3. Invoices must be dated and numbered. Business numbers of goods on board invoices should reflect 8-10 digits. Goods'names should best be reflected in Russian. For example, when there is a discrepancy between English and business names at ports, documents on board with Russian names should be provided.
4. The total invoice amount should be consistent with the sum of each item.
5. When multi-item goods are mixed packaged on board, the number of pieces and gross net weight should correspond to each other, and there can be no merger item. When the number of multi-item goods is 1, the number of pieces can be merged and the gross net weight corresponds to the name one by one.
6. The gross weight and net weight of the list should be consistent with the gross weight and net weight of the goods.
7. When a single-name cargo is loaded with multiple containers and cleared by one ticket, the accompanying documents can have a total invoice and container list, and each container needs corresponding sub-invoice and sub-box list.
8. For the transportation by renting containers, the information of the containers should be filled in in the third column of the bill of lading. For the transportation by buying containers, the container invoice on board should be required.
9. When goods need special certificates (Kazakhstan National Registration Certificate, Kazakhstan National Security Committee Security Certificate, Chinese Planting Certificate and Transit Permit), they should be accompanied by the car. The copy of Kazakhstan can be accompanied by the original of China.
10. In case of Customs inspection at overseas ports, it is necessary to confirm in time with customers whether the goods are in conformity with the accompanying documents, and to queue up regularly for inspection. If the inconsistencies are not met, the Customs at overseas ports shall pay fines, storage fees at yards and provide the correct accompanying documents according to the inspection results before releasing them.
11. Arrival at Alma 1. Arrival at column 5 of Retesu's waybill must reflect the information of dedicated lines and warehouses.
12. Number of units, gross net weight and amount cannot be rounded.

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